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Spain vs Sweden

Spain Sweden
Qualifiers Euro 2020
10 June 2019, 20:45
Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid, Spain

Biljetter till Spain - Sweden
Biljetter Spanien - Sverige

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Category 2 Long Side
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Category 2 Short Side
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Santiago Bernabeu

Madrid, Spain


Category 1: Tickets along the side of the pitch. Low / middle long side sections. Yellow sections.

Category 2 Long side: Tickets in Lateral, Upper level alongside of the pitch. Green sections.

Category 2 Short side : Tickets in Fondo, behind the goals. Red sections.

Category 3: Tickets in Fondo, the upper level behind the goals. Purple sections.

VIP Platinum : The best seats in the stadium. Tickets in first and second Lateral tiers. Gray sections.

VIP Platinum Plus : The best seats in the stadium. Tickets in the lower tier in central Grada Lateral sections. Blue sections.